Dairy Goat Herdshare

Do you enjoy farm fresh goat's milk but don't have the time or space to have dairy goats at home? Join our herd! Members of our herdshare are part owners in the herd. It works like a on farm lease and for your ownership you get some of the fresh raw milk produced by the girls every week!

Learn more about River's Edge Farm LLC's Herdshare here!

Goats On The Go - Storrs

Our new venture starting Spring 2021! Offering a professional Goat grazing service. Goats are an excellent option for control of invasive and other nusiance plants. By using Goats you avoid the use of herbicides and the need for loud machinery. Instead you can sit back and enjoy the Goats while they happily take care of your landscape woes!

Learn more about Goats On The Go -Storrs here

You can learn more about Goats On The Go at their website here