Pasture Raised Chicken

One of the services we are offering in 2020 is custom raising and processing of poultry.

At River’s Edge Farm LLC we are raising Red Ranger meat chickens. They are a heritage cross that grows faster than traditional egg laying breeds but slower than commercial crosses. They are an active and happy bird that forages well. At River’s Edge Farm we focus on quality, not only in the final product but a quality life for all the animals here. We raise our birds in small groups, each with their own coop and yard where they get to eat grass and bugs in the sunshine. They get grain to supplement their diet as well as fruits, vegetables, and fresh milk from the dairy goats when available. The birds get closed into their coops at night for safety. We have livestock guardian dogs on duty who help ensure their safety from potential predators too. What a life!

How does it work?

We work with you to decide on how many birds you’d like at a time and that we can raise without sacrificing quality of care. Our goal of quality and dedication to raising happy healthy birds does limit how many we can raise at once. A $10 per bird non-refundable deposit is needed which covers the initial purchase and care of your chickens. There are risks in farming, by contracting us to raise chickens for you you are accepting the risks and share them with us. What do I mean risk? Although we provide the best care for our animals everyday and monitor their health and well being there is much outside of our control. Mother nature can wreak havoc causing losses or injuries, an individual bird may not be as strong as the others and fail to thrive, etc. We will do our absolute best to limit losses, but you understand and accept the possibilities for loss with us. Rest assured we will do our best by the birds and to deliver what we promise!

When the birds are 10 – 12 weeks old they are big enough for processing. Custom processing is a part of the service you’re signing up for. Following all best food safety practices and humane slaughter laws/recommendations we process the birds and shrink wrap them in individual bags for you.

We don’t offer a butcher service at this time so you will receive whole birds. You can choose whether you want the giblets and feet as well. The giblets make excellent gravy!

Cost: The final price will be determined on processing day. We will weigh each chicken individually, they will be labeled with their weight and the price will be calculated at $8.00 per pound. If giblets and/or feet are requested they will be charged at $1.00 per bag - we can bag them in bulk or by bird. Note: feet will not be bagged with giblets. Your initial deposit will be deducted from the total and the balance is due at pick up or before delivery. Delivery is available by request and starts at $10.00.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in we’d love to talk to you and look forward to working with you! We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have; you can email us here!