In the few short years since we started our farming adventure we've grown and changed a lot. We're starting to settle into a rythym now and it's a comfortable, enjoyable group that we now have.

Currently on the farm we have: 

  • Alpine and Lamancha Dairy Goats,

  • Boer Goats,

  • Cattle (various breeds),

  • Red Bourbon Turkeys,

  • Silver Appleyard Ducks,

  • laying Hens,

  • Meat Chickens,

  • Flemish cross Rabbits

All the animals we have we raise for all their purposes: food production (milk, meat, eggs), land clearing/maintenance, river cleaning/maintenance, pest control, and to just enjoy watching out in the field. Our responsibility to them is to give them the best life we can no matter how long it may be. We raise on pasture and supplement with grain and hay as needed. We keep breeding groups of all these currently and occasionally have some animals for sale.

As time goes on I'll be adding a page for each of the above with more information about the breeds and their roles at River's Edge Farm. If you have anyquestions send us and email,, we'd love to talk to you!