Goats On The Go® - Storrs

Grazing near you soon!!

"What should I do about these weeds? They block my view and out compete the plants I want to grow." Skip the herbicides and noisy machinery; Get GOATS!!

Hello! I'm Stephanie and I have recently become an affiliate with Goats On The Go®. I grew up in Mansfield, CT and am excited to bring Targeted Grazing Services to my hometown area! I've seen the benefits of grazing goats am excited to be able to offer you those benefits in a professional, courteous service!

Currently serving parts of Tolland and Windham County centered around the Storrs, CT area. 


Why Goats?

Goats have a natural affinity for invasive plants and most nuisance plants. By eating the leaves the goats reduce the plants growth and ability to reproduce. 

Bonus! You get to enjoy watching them while they enjoy eating the weeds!


Where can they work?

Schools, parks, your backyard... Just about anywhere! Goats are light footed, agile and skilled climbers which gives them the ability to work where many machines can't and where herbicides may be cause for concern.


How do I get Goats?

Send an email!  GoatsWork@riversedgefarmllc.com

I'm happy to answer any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you!